8th March, International Working Women’s Day was hailed by communist and workers’ parties. The Parties and communist women’s organisations made statements, organised events and rallies aroung the world. (To be updated)


The Popular Democratic Left and the Communist Party of Mexico (CPM) denounced the liberal-bourgeois ideology that has tried to turn March 8 into a celebration to strip this day of its commemorative character, of the struggle of the working women for their historical demands.

In order ot definitively end oppression over women, the CPM underline that first, communist women and men should assume the commitment to make visible, denounce and condemn harassment, impunity, gender violence in institutions and workplaces; second, this struggle is completely twinned, today more than ever, with the defense of our class interests. To read full article. [ES]  


The Communist Party of Greece organized a political and cultural event in Athens, gathering hundreds of women and men of all ages. Among chants saying ‘With KKE in the struggle for the equality and the contemporary needs of women’ General Secretary of the CC of the KKE Dimitris Koutsoumbas made a speech underlining the heroism of working class women who had fought in the ranks of KKE, EAM-ELAS and Democratic Army during the war. For detailes of the event and speech.


Communist Women from the Communist Party of Turkey condemned the reactionary political oppression and measures exploiting women underlining its roots with capitalism. Communist Women held street rallies in Istanbul and Ankara saying “We call on you to strengthen the struggle for socialism together in order to live in an enlightened Turkey where women will be the equal elements of the society”. See details of the event.


The Communist Party of Israel announced that it would hold on Friday, March 9, a march of solidarity with African asylum seekers and refugees facing deportation from Israel will be held in Tel Aviv in conjunction with a commemoration of International Women’s Day. The march would be “spearheaded by the brave women who dare to stand up to injustice: to stand against the deportation and for South Tel Aviv, and to demand respect, recognition and equality for the refugee community.” To follow the event.



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