Communist Youth of Turkey (TKG) organized a rally against NATO and US as part of the recent anti-imperialist campaign.

The Communist Youth of Turkey (TKG) has rallied against NATO and the US in one of the central districts of İstanbul. The mass protest organized as part of the recent anti-imperialist campaign of the TKG.

TKG’s protest has draw attention due to the fake anti-US discourse of the Turkish government, with no any sanctions against imperialist organizations or regional imperialist plans.

Emphasizing the struggle against both imperialist powers and their local allies, TKG noted that none of the agreements between imperialist organizations and Turkey has any legitimacy and should be undone. TKG also underlined that all NATO and US bases in Turkey must be seized immediately.

According to a report in soLinternational TKG stated that Turkey has been a NATO member mostly because of the anti-communist hysteria of the capitalist class and massacres, assassinations and military coups had staged as part of the war against working-class movement.

Reminding the patriotic protest of the revolutionary youth of 1968 against the arrival of the US 6th fleet in İstanbul, TKG said they are going to hold back NATO and the US bases in Turkey and will send foreign soldiers back to their homes.


International Communist Press