40 Communist Youth Organisations released a joint call for solidarity with Palestinian people, on March 12.

In respect to the Israeli Apartheid Week, 40 Communist Youth Organisations from all around the world issued a joint call for common action and solidarity with Palestinian people. The joint call condemns the ongoing crimes of US-NATO-Israel against Palestinian people and welcomes “the thousands of Palestinian youth who fight courageously against the barbarity of the Israeli state for something obvious, their right to live in their home country without foreign oppressors.”

Denouncing the provocative decision of the US declaring Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and the hypocritical stance of the EU equating the “perpetrator” with the “victim”, the statement ends with political demands, which are: “an independent, viable and sovereign Palestinian state on the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital; the withdrawal of the Israeli army from all occupied territories of 1967, including the Golan Heights and the Sebah District of South Lebanon; the end of settlements and the withdrawal of the settlers who have been settled within the Palestinian territories defined by the borders of 1967, and the releasing of all the political prisoners and the returning of the refugees; the cancelation of any political and military agreement between our governments and Israel, and the immediate recognition of the Palestinian state by them.”

Accordingly, manifestations took place on March 12 in front of Israeli embassies in different countries.


International Communist Press