The Communist Party of Greece (ΚΚΕ) condemns in the most decisive way the murderous attacks at the expense of the Communists in Tripura State, at the expense of the supporters and friends of the Communist Parties, as well as the vandalizing, destructions and take-overs of CP’s offices, of offices of the mass organizations of the people’s movement.

The KKE supports the struggle of the Indian Communists that have denounced the various attempts of manipulation of the electoral procedure under the responsibility of India’s ruling BJP party of Prime Minister Modi, having as a result the control of the local government, while on March 3rd after the end of ballot counting in the state, an attack was organized against the Communists having as a result, until now: 514 injuries, attacks at 1539 residencies, vandalizing 134 Party Offices and taking-over of 208 Party Offices, destructions in tens of mass organization offices.

The KKE expresses its total internationalist solidarity with the Communists of India, the CPI(m) and the CPI, with the mass organizations and demands the immediate cease of all criminal attacks.



KKE via Solidnet