Suravaram Sudhakar Reddy, General Secretary CPI has issued the following statement:

Communist Party of India welcomes the judgement of the people of Gorakhpur, Phulpur (UP) and Araria (Bihar) in giving a crushing defeat to BJP after its defeat in Rajasthan.

Both the trends are clear. The drastic reduction of BJP vote is the reflection of the disillusionment of people caused by its pro-corporate, anti-peoples policies and its miserable failure to fulfill its promises to bring back black money, provide employment and control prices. The communal divide will not always pay. The unity of secular forces will lead to further isolation and defeat of communal BJP.

The CPI has been appealing for the unity of Secular, Democratic and Left forces along with Dalits, Minorities and other social groups to defeat the fascistic trends of the BJP government and also to fight for pro-people economic policies under the banner of united Left. The fast changing developments should pave the way for stronger and wider unity of democratic forces in the country.

Suravaram Sudhakar Reddy,

General Secretary, CPI.


Communist Party of India via Solidnet