dkp logo neuAfter a successfully completed 22nd Congress, the German Communist Party announces its campaign for peace and disarmament against NATO.

The German Communist Party (DKP) successfully completed its 22nd Party Congress on 4th of March, with a newly elected board, including Patrik Köbele as the re-elected President of DKP.

As Germany is aggressively planning to increase its military expenditure to maintain its position within NATO, the DKP will target the armament plans and will focus on an anti-NATO campaign with the aim of collecting 30.000 signatures, under the motto “Disarm, no further arming”, in the upcoming six months, to be finally declared at the UZ (Unsere Zeit- the central newspaper of DKP) Festival in September, in Dortmund. According to surveys, majority of German people are also against the increase of armament. 

Another resolution from the congress is strengthening Party’s organisation among especially healthcare and education sector workers and enforcing members to join industrial clubs in order to get more involved in the current struggles of the German working-class.
During the Congress, a discussion on the ongoing controversy within DKP, namely the  “Communist Network” was also held, concluding in the decision that “pertaining to this network is no longer compatible with a DKP membership”. 



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