‘All of them have identified themselves closely with the EU and its disastrous neoliberal orientation in favour of austerity, privatisation and so-called “free market” policies that are destroying public services, the welfare state, collective bargaining, job security and social well-being’, the CP international secretary continued.

‘It would be madness, therefore, for the Labour Party to commit itself to any future arrangements binding Britain to EU single market rules that would prevent a left-led government from pursuing its popular manifesto programme’, Mr Foster insisted.


Britain’s communists welcomed Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s recent speech in Coventry, where he warned that his party’s policies to invest in infrastructure, assist industry, reform public procurement contracts, ensure labour standards for all workers and introduce a fair immigration policy were incompatible with EU single market rules.

But the CP political committee warned that a customs union agreement with the EU would almost certainly prevent British governments from making mutually beneficial trade and cooperation agreements with growing and developing economies around the world.
Communist Party trade union organiser Andy Bain urged solidarity with workers in Greece, Portugal and Italy resisting EU-imposed policies of privatisation and cuts in benefits and pensions.

‘In particular, messages of support should go to the CGT and other trade union federations who are striking on March 22 against French government plans to privatise SNCF and break up the railway industry in line with the EU’s Fourth Railway Package’, he proposed.

Britain’s communists insist that ‘the struggle for collective security and the redevelopment of working class solidarity is the key to combating racism and social division’. Therefore the CP is calling for mass turnouts at the ‘March Against Racism‘ events in London on March 17 and around Britain to mark UN International Day against Racial Discrimination.

The Communist Party also invited all members and friends to its annual reception the following day, after the annual ceremony at Karl Marx’s grave in Highgate Cemetery where this year’s orations will be delivered by Cuba’s ambassador Teresita Vicente Sotolongo and John Foster.


Communist Party of Britain