The National Federation of workers in the Food-Drinks Industry in Greece, member of PAME and WFTU, will hold national strike on March 29, demanding the signing of a Collective Agreement with wage increases.

In Food industries every year the number of workers who work with starvation wages increases. The flexible working relations and the work of the “outsourcing” and workers through contractors are expanding, seasonal workers are increasing.

The intensification of the work brings about an increase in workers’ accidents and workers’ health problems.

The Collective Agreement is a very important issue as it determines the basis of the remuneration, working hours and working conditions in total. It poses serious obstacles for our industry’s capitalists in intensifying the exploitation.

The struggle for the Collective Agreement means a tough struggle and conflict with the capital, the industrialists and the governments that serve them faithfully.

The Workers’ Federation in Foods-Drinks Industry, with the support of PAME-All Workers Militant Front, is struggling within each workplace for the success of the strike on March 29.

We demand:

Collective Agreement with salary increases.

Restore the minimum wage.

Restore the rights that have been abolished during the last years

We call on the trade unions to express their solidarity with the strike.





All Workers Militant Front (PAME)