On Wednesday, March 21, the Israeli military court in Offer condemned Ahed Tamimi and her mother in eight months in prison and a fine of $ 1,500 each. Their conviction was based on extortion, “either you plead guilty and you stay jailed for a few months, or you plead innocent and we close your prison for 10 years.”

Palestinian militants are “guilty” only because they defend their people’s right to live free. Ahed Tamimi was arrested, imprisoned and convicted because she stood as another Palestinian child with the sling against the Israeli occupation tanks. Ahed Tamimi was convicted by Israel because she resisted.

Workers around the world convict the barbarity of imperialism that imprisons and kills young children. Tamimi’s conviction is another reason to strengthen Solidarity of Workers for the liberation of Palestine, the release of all Palestinian political prisoners.

Tamimi’s conviction is also revealing the role of the EU, as well as various forces and organisations that, in support of Israel’s vengeance, spoke of “proportionality to punishments by Israel”. What proportionality exists between the armed soldier and the girl who defends her home? What proportion is acceptable when Israel, with the support of the US-NATO-EU, ocuppies Palestine and oppresses an entire people?

This is the “peace” and the “justice” of the imperialists. Poverty, oppression, imprisonment and murder of young children.

This “peace” builds with Israel the Greek government of SYRIZA-ANEL.

PAME, the class movement of Greece, supports the right of every people to fight against oppression, exploitation and imperialism. We stand by the side of the Palestinian people in their struggle for their own, independent Palestinian state, with capital East Jerusalem on the border of ’67.

But, whatever decisions they make, as many arrests, imprisonments and convictions as may be imposed, the struggles of the peoples for freedom will not cease. The struggles, the dreams and the hopes of a whole people can not be locked in any prison! THE PEOPLE WILL WIN!

We continue and strengthen the struggle for a society that children all over the world will be in their schools and not in prisons.

We call on trade unions in Greece to denounce the conviction of Ahed Tamimi and her mother. We strengthen solidarity initiatives with the Palestinian people.

FREE Ahed Tamimi- FREE Palestine!



All Workers Militant Front (PAME)