Revolutionary Communist Party (PRC) from France published its International Bulletin releasing two statements denouncing Israel State for repressions  against Palestine and the military interventions in Syria.

The PRC, underlined the clear objectives of the Israel State of colonizing the Palestine and denounces “its harsh and murderous repression against all those who defy it.”  The statement of PRC  blamed the Israeli state of having no respect to legal rights by, pointing the prisoned the minors, like Ahed Tamini and reminding Salah Amouri, a French Palestinian , case who was held without trial for five months.

Support for the Palestinians’ struggle against colonisation and for the liberation of Palestine is an internationalist duty and we demand and act for:
The liberation of all political prisoners,
The recognition of a Palestinian state respecting UN resolutions
The breaking off of diplomatic relations with the racist and colonial state of Israel.
” ended the statement

As a second statement from PRC in the International Bulletin had the title “Imperialists: Hands off the Syrian people”.  PRC stated that “…the recent Israeli strike against Syrian territory is a flagrant violation
of the Syrian nation’s integrity …” The statement also emphasized the Israel’s aim to avoid the Iranian danger stemming from the military holds in Syria and Lebanon

By inviting herself to the table, as one the region’s imperial powers, Israel is giving Turkey a blank cheque for her interventions in North Syria, reinforces the colonial absorption of Palestine and the Golan heights and does the groundwork for a confrontation with Iran.” said the statement underlining Israel’s position in the Middle East.

PRC called for international struggle “not by only condemning the nature of Imperialism but also imposing respect for national sovereignty by combat what causes these conflicts: Monopoly Capitalism.”


International Communist Press