The Class Unions and National Federations that rally with PAME organize daily actions for the signing of Collective Contracts with better wages and restoration of rights.

All over Greece unions organize their activities under the Campaign called by PAME

Raises In Wages and Pensions-No Worker Under Minimum Wage-Now Collective Contracts!”

In this context many Unions and Federations have called for militant actions and strikes in many sectors.


  • The National Federation of Construction Workers of Greece has called for an All-Greece strike in Construction for March 14.

  • The National Union of Actors and the National Union of Musicians have called for a Strike of Actors and Musicians in all big theaters on March 15.

  • The National Federation of Workers in Food-Drinks Industries has called for National Strike on March 29


Photos from the preparation of the Strike in Construction:




All Workers Militant Front (PAME)