National strike was carried out on Wednesday, March 14, by the National Federation of Construction Workers, for the signing of a Sectoral Collective Agreement, with increases in wages and salaries, measures for the protection of the unemployed and the resumption of constructions, with priority popular needs. The strike reached participation and stoppage of work in Construction sites 100%.

Photos from Strike demonstration in Athens:

Strike demonstrations were held in many cities all over Greece.

Photos from different cities:

The Federation held its central Rally in Athens, where the workers with their unions went to the Association of Construction Companies and submitted their proposal for Collective Agreement. The Federation and the Association agreed to hold new meeting the next days.

The Workers Federation also visited the Ministry of Labor, to demand solution to social security issues. However, the Ministry refused to meet with the Federation.

The Federation stated:

Today, we are laying the foundations to strengthen the struggle and orientation we need, to widen our struggle. (…) We are forging a single understanding of what needs to be done to protect our lives and pave the way for a world without exploitation, poverty, unemployment and wars. (…) With class unity and will, with decisiveness, we advance our class interest and fight for everything, for pay, for insurance, against wars, for a world without exploitation, where our lives will pass to a truly superior level, according to the potential and the wealth that exists”




All Workers Militant Front (PAME)