The Telecom and IT Workers Union of Athens (SETIP), member of PAME and WFTU, condemns the event to “advertise” the role of NATO in Greece.

 The Greek Association for Atlantic & European Cooperation is organizing in Athens an event titled The NATO you might not know – security and defense beyond the old basicson Friday 2nd of March with NATO’s Deputy Secretary-General.

In this dirty propaganda event that’s taking place in the Greek Ministry of Telecommunications and Media. They even invited workers’ union in Telecommunications to attend, so as to support the role and the image of NATO in Greece.



We know NATO very well…

  • It’s NATO who destroyed Yugoslavia and threw depleted uranium bombs on the Serbian people.

  • It’s NATO who murdered thousands of children for oil in Iraq and in Afghanistan.

  • It’s NATO who doesn’t recognize the borders in the Aegean Sea and is covering the aggressiveness of the Turkish government.

  • It’s NATO who is making new war plans on the bodies of the people, in the cadre of his dogfight with other imperialist forces to claim market shares, energy resources and the routes of their transportation.


It’s this war machine that the Deputy Secretary-General of NATO will come “advertise” to us. Like if this wasn’t enough, they are combining this visit with the International Women’s Day. But in this event, they will not show pictures of dead women, of mothers losing their children, their husbands and their brothers from NATO’s wars across the Earth.


If they are counting on workers in the Telecom and IT sector to contribute to the setup of their weapons, if this is included in their “vision” of Security and Defense, then we are warning they are mistaken. The workers in Telecom, we will not agree to be used for the massacre of the people. We have a very bitter experience of what is going on in every region of the planet where NATO starts the dialog on questions of “Security and Defense”. We are referring to our 84 colleagues in the National Telecommunications Company of Serbia who died on their shift along with thousands of others during the NATO bombings in 1999 or to the million other workers across the world who are experiencing the capitalist barbarity.

We are calling the workers to demonstrate against the event held by the killers of the people in our region on the 2nd of March at 5pm at the Ministry of Digital Policy.

  • Shut down all NATO-USA military bases.

  • All Greek soldiers on missions in other countries should return back home.

  • No involvement – No participation of Greece in the imperialist plans and wars.

We call the workers in Telecom and IT to protest against the event to advertise NATO

All Telecom workers of Athens to demonstrate today outside the Ministry of Telecommunications



All Workers Militant Front (PAME)