Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) called people to defend the right to vote in face of the last changes in regulations of the electoral system that turn elections into a show.

According to the soL news portal, TKP called on the people “to defend right to vote” noting that the elections in Turkey has been turned into a show and said “We will not leave our right to vote to the mercy of Erdoğan and his Supreme Electoral Council. TKP will do its part to raise the people.”


Stating that general suffrage is one of the most important gains of the humanity in its struggle for equality and freedom, TKP noted that the ruling classes around the world took some measures in time to prevent representation of the people in the general assembly realising that general suffrage threatens their rule.

TKP reminded that 10 percent electoral threshold in Turkey serves to this end, saying “Therefore, elections are not a means for the people for self-determination, but a mechanism of choosing among the bourgeois parties that will deceive the people for a certain time.” TKP also added that the recent regulations of Erdoğan even put an end to this strategy, turning the elections into a show that will yield on any accounts the results Erdoğan wants. 

TKP will not, for sure, accept such a show, knowing that the emancipation of the people depends on an organised struggle and denying a political perspective limited to the elections” , the statement said. TKP announced that the statement marks the beginning of a widespread struggle against the elective system guaranteeing the supremacy of Erdoğan in the eyes of the people.

Presidential and parliamentary elections for the Grand National Assembly in Turkey are scheduled to be held on 3 November 2019 on the same day, if there are no early elections. 


International Communist Press