Riot Police in Athens responded with violent assault using chemicals and striking a trade union protest of PAME against auctioning off of people’s homes on February 28.

In the center of Athens it was planned to hold an electronic auction. When a delegation of workers gathered outside the building and asked to meet with the officials, the forces of the Riot Police who were at that moment coming from an adjacent point attacked violently by using chemicals against to all those who were protesting.

PAME in its statement condemned the SYRIZA government that gave orders to the Riot Police to attack against the protest that organized by unions and people’s committees so as to cancel the auction. The Big Capital, the Greek Government and bankers seek to impose complete silence to the people so as not to have any reactions.

They do not intimidate us. We call on the trade unions to take more initiatives in the fight against auctions and seizures, to organize the workers in the workplace, to make the fight massive.

Oppression And Suppression Will Fail




All Workers Militant Front (PAME)