PAME denounces the provocative persecution of union leaders of USB Italy, for their protests following the murder of a worker by employers in 2016.

On 14 September 2016 Abd El Salam, a migrant worker and a member of USB was assassinated during a strike. USB immediately proceeded to mobilizations, while PAME, the World Federation of Trade Unions and trade unions from all over the world expressed their support for the Italian workers’ struggle.

Business groups, the EU and the governments that serve them want repression to initmidate workers, so as to enforce anti-workers’ policies that will secure the capitalist profits.

The Italian Government, as the representative of the employers, is persecuting the workers who are fighting. They persecute the colleagues of the murdered worker, having as a clear objective to maintain the climate of repression and intimidation that business groups want to impose in the workplaces.

The same policy is followed by governments in each country. In Greece, the SYRIZA-ANEL Government abolishes the right to strike, arrests and hits those who mobilize.

They do not frighten us. Intimidations Will not Pass.

We express our solidarity with Italian workers and the USB.

We demand that all persecutions against workers be stopped



All Workers Militant Front (PAME)