These pursuits are in complete contrast with the commercialization and the linking of the water recourses with the market-economy. Water is not a merchantable product, it must not fall within the meaning of food and should be provided adequately, under the direct responsibility of each government, equally to all citizens of the dominion, as a public good, not being amenable to the “laws of market” and ruled by the rules of health engineering.

The World Federation of Trade Unions reiterates its firmly position, demanding:

• Collected, processed and distributed at low cost or even free of charge to the tap of the consumer under the central responsibility of a unified public conveyor without the involvement of private enterprises, and according to all rules of health engineering, which require:

Construction and function of modern water process units, regular monitoring of the processed outflow, a reliable system for the destruction of micro organisms and parasites, a complete and safe distribution net to the users and their place of residence.

• The statutory safety provisions, the existence of which is a basic prerequisite for achieving the quality standards of water are to be kept under constant observation.

• The monitoring of water quality and its complying with all the relative conditions must be performed by public authorities.

• Public authorities should directly and effectively undertake all the corrective actions required in cases of divergence of water from the safe limits set by the relevant law of each state.

The water issue is a priority of the WFTU and the last years organized tens of initiatives and acts on the above militant direction such as seminars, internationals action days, conference etc. The WFTU will continues and strengthen even more its struggles in the sustainable management of water resources of our planet on favor of all people.

The Secretariat


World Federation of Trade Unions