The Workers’ Party society based in Trinity College Dublin have endorsed plans to escalate action by the ‘Take Back Trinity’ campaign against new repeat examination fees, and other fee increases. 

Secretary of the Workers’ Party TCD, Josh Brady, said:

“The people running Trinity know there’s money to be made on this campus – from tourists, businesses and students. Trinity is prime real estate. But that’s also an opportunity for students. We have demonstrated we have the power to bring commercial activity on Trinity to a halt, and that’s how the demands of the ‘Take Back Trinity’ campaign will be won.”

The Workers’ Party were represented at today’s lunchtime rally at the occupied dining hall by Dublin City Councillor Éilis Ryan. Speaking at the rally, Cllr. Ryan said:

“There’s a mentality behind this new fee that, if students fail their exams, its there own fault. This is the same myth that young people are told about everything – whether its the lack of jobs, unaffordable accommodation, or inability to pay student fees, we hear again and again that its young people’s fault for not working hard enough. Put simply, that is a lie, and must be challenged.”

Workers’ Party TCD Chairperson Colleen King called on all students to join the escalating occupations, saying:

“What makes a struggle like this a success is numbers. You can be sure the college management are watching this closely. The numbers we have seen at every demonstration so far show that we have numbers on our side. We are calling on students to prioritise actions organised by ‘Take Back Trinity’ whenever they can, over the coming days and weeks.”


Worker’s Party