The Workers’ Party has called for an immediate closure of the facilities at Shannon Airport to the US military as it prepares to attack Syria in support of Islamic terrorist groups in the war-torn country.

Workers’ Party Cllr. Éilis Ryan said:
“It seems increasingly certain that a number countries, led by a belligerent Donald Trump are actively attempting to escalate the war in Syria. This is in nobody’s interests except those same elites who have benefitted from western intervention in Iraq, Libya and elsewhere.

“The excuse that is half-heartedly being proposed for this imperialist adventure is a dubious claim of chemical weapons use by Syrian government forces. Just like the claims which justified war on Iraq, it is entirely without evidence. We cannot allow another country to be even further decimated by another ‘dodgy dossier.’

Cllr. Ryan continued:
“Meanwhile, as the United States seeks any excuse to escalate war against the Syrian government, it continues to ignore – and in some cases, actively provide arms to – terror groups such as the so-called Army of Islam, who have openly called for the genocide of minority groups in Syria, and have paraded men, women and children in cages through the streets simply due to the fact they were not fundamentalist Sunni Arabs.

“These people were freed in recent weeks, as the Army of Islam was driven out of its strongholds. And now, it has released videos of a supposed chemical attack by Syrian government forces. Are we really gullible enough to accept their word as sufficient evidence to justify an escalation of an already devastating war?”

The Workers’ Party councillor concluded:
“Ireland should ensure it can in no way be implicated in the looming war crimes it would seem the Trump regime and its lackeys are intent on committing. All US military use of Shannon Airport must be ended immediately so that our country is not involved in creating a further tragedy in the Middle East.

“Ireland must not be an accomplice to the destruction of a pluralist society and its replacement with a fundamentalist regime, by craven US, UK and French governments focused on distracting from their own failings and strengthening the position of the apartheid regime in Israel.”


Worker’s Party