A combative demonstration against any kind of facilitation of the new massacre was held by the KKE Party Organizations in Cyprus on Sunday, April 15th, in front of the British base from where in the early hours of Saturday morning the aircrafts that attacked Syrian positions took off.

The combative call of the KKE was met with the positive response of many workers during the leaflet distribution that was held on Saturday in workplaces and in the center of Nicosia and of Larnaka, with massive participation. 

The KKE Party Organizations in Cyprus called upon the Greek immigrants and the workers of Cyprus “to combatively express their opposition to the facilitations in favor of the the British massacre forces, that are bombing the Syrian people. To close down now the British bases. No land – No water to the peoples’ killers.” 

The demonstrators blocked the entrance to the military base for an hour and served a motion of protest to the Commander of the base.


KKE via Solidnet