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On Monday April 16th riot police forces launched an attack against demonstrating university and high school students and workers using tear gas and stun grenades in the center of Athens near the Truman statue which students went to tear down in a symbolic move of condemnation of American imperialism that together with Great Britain and France carried out the recent intervention in Syria.

In a statement from the Press Bureau of the CC of the KKE it reads:

The KKE condemns the attack of the riot police forces using tear gas and stun grenades against a demonstration that was organized by trade unions, university and high school student associations against the imperialist attack on Syria. The result were two arrests and two injured protestors.

The SYRIZA-ANEL government has tremendous responsibility for this event. Not only is it participating actively in the war against Syria, by providing numerous concessions, even receiving the congratulations of the American ambassador for this, but also seeks to flaunt its dedication to American–NATO plans by brutally attacking protestors and with a host of police forces, protecting a statue – a fossil of blood-soaked American imperialism.

The people and the youth draw their own conclusions on the role of the Greek government. They are not frightened and they will add their own more dynamic ‘presence” to the mobilizations in the upcoming days.


KKE via Solidnet