On April 23, the Security Service of Ukraine based on the denunciation of the head of Korostyshevka of the organization “Freedom” (founded as the Social-Nationalist Party of Ukraine, that is in fact, the Nazi party) was searched in the premises of Zhytomyr regional organization of the CPU.

According to the list of documents as the material evidence of “unlawful activities” of Zhytomyr Communists the post-cards with the 9th of May – Victory Day congratulations which there is the symbolism of the USSR were seized. Well, of course these postcards should not be with the symbols of the Hitler Germany, honored by the “SS Galichina” “warriors” and by the Tyagnibok-Parubii party members.

Leaflets called “Long live May 1 – the day of solidarity of working people!” are also included to the list of “unlawful” requiring seizures by the SSU. Let me remind you that the first time the Day of International Solidarity of Workers was selebrated in 1890 in Austria-Hungary, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Spain, Italy, the USA, Norway, France, Sweden and some other countries. Today it is celebrated in 142 countries of the world.

The leaflet with the appeal “We demand Peace! Jobs! Salaries!” seized in the Zhitomir regional committee of the Communist Party does also consist a grave danger for the sovereignty of Ukraine according to the SSU. These guardians of regime, apparently confused the interests of the state with the interests of the oligarchs.

Considering that the recent actions of President Poroshenko grossly violate the Constitution aimed at incitement of a religious war in Ukraine, the booklet “Kyiv Patriarchate”, as it is”, revealing the true essence dissenters is entitled “unlawful”.

The Communist Party of Ukraine expresses its strong protest against arbitrariness of the authorities and the use of the SSU as a political gendarmerie for suppression and persecution of dissenters, destruction of freedom of speech and belief. The relevant information will be sent by us to the international organizations, primarily to the United Nations Human Rights Council. Recall that only two countries – United States and its “overseas protectorate” Ukraine voted in 2018 against the UN resolution condemning the glorification of Nazism and fascism.


Communist Party of Ukraine