Pro-fascist right-nationalist forces that came to power in Ukraine after the armed coup of 2014 grossly violate the Constitution, the rights and freedoms of citizens.

The ruling regime rudely suppresses any dissent, interferes in the activities of unwanted parties, public organizations, religious associations, persecutes representatives of traditional confessions, atheists.

Another act of “church raiding” occurred on April 2 in the Rivne region, where the militants of the punitive neo-Nazi battalions Aidar and Azov broke into the temple and were thrown out of the parishioners and priests of the canonical Orthodox Church under the threat of weapons, with total inaction by the police.

The Communist Party of Ukraine declares that such actions are sanctioned by the ruling regime with the aim of establishing a monopoly in the church sphere in the interests of those organizations that swore allegiance to Hitler during the Great Patriotic War, and in the years of independent Ukraine – oligarchic-Nazi criminals who unleashed the Civil War in the Donbass.

The Communist Party also recalls that the violation of human rights and the persecution of dissidents is an integral part of the policy of the ruling regime. The regime, which has so far failed to comply with any recommendations of the Venice Commission to bring into line with the Constitution of Ukraine and the norms of international law openly discriminatory laws on “decommunization”, on education and other legislative acts that grossly violate human rights and freedoms.


Communist Party of Ukraine

Central Committee

Department for the International Relations


Communist Party of Ukraine