All In The Streets!
All In The Demonstrations Of PAME Against The Imperialist Intervention In Syria On April 17
No Participation Of Greece In The New Imperialistic Crime!

Since the dawn of Saturday, the governments of the USA, Great Britain and France have launched a missile attack against Syria, fuelling the tensions in the Southeast Mediterranean region.

This attack was based, as in the recent past, on various pretexts (eg the never found weapons of mass destruction in Iraq) that cannot hide the real causes. The real reason for the attack is the relentless and endless competition of the killers of the peoples to control energy nodes, markets and transport routes.

The bombing began with the support and tolerance of the rest of the NATO-EU predatory alliance and the national governments acting as the Pontus Pilate, paving the way for the new massacre.

The imperialists divide the earth and draw the borders with the blood of the peoples”

Following the US-Britain-France attack, we are undergoing a new phase of escalating competitions not only in the region, but in general, as huge armies from all over the world are gathering, with their finger on the trigger.

We denounce the SYRIZA-ANEL government, which promotes Greece as a “pillar of stability and security” and at the same time sets Greece in the centre of the war-cyclone. It is a lie that Greece does not participate in this imperialist crime as the government has made Greece an open base for the aircraft carriers and the US-NATO armada. The Greek government cooperates with the murderer-state of Israel and at the same time Turkey has already invaded Cyprus and Syria, is coming in and out of the Aegean, with the NATO-US tolerance, which has, in fact, erased the borders in the Aegean and NATO-US wants to use Turkey against Russia. The stance of the Greek governments in support of the US-NATO serves the big business groups of Greece who, like crows, are waiting for the contracts to come out after the destruction of countries and murder of the peoples.

Their policy creates Poverty-Wars-Refugees

The consequence of this spreading of war will be the new massive uprooting of thousands of people from their homes. This new wave of refugees is created by those who, hypocritically, say they are concerned about it. Greece’s participation in the new imperialist crime is a danger to the people with unpredictable consequences.

Workers and trade unions in the country now have to raise a massive front against NATO and the EU that kill peoples, change borders, and lead whole countries and regions to chaos and destruction with the aim to serve the interests of large monopoly groups. We have seen this scenario before in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Yugoslavia, Ukraine …

Nor land, nor water for the murderers of the peoples

The bases of death must be closed! Close The base of Souda, which is a strategic hub for US-NATO projects.

All Greek soldiers from missions abroad should return,

Disengagement of our country from NATO and the EU

Everyone in the Rally on April 17!


All Workers Militant Front (PAME)