The World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU), representing 92 million members in 126 countries around the world, reiterates its internationalist solidarity with workers in France who will strike on 19 April.

In an international context where capitalists, multinationals and European bourgeoisies attack labor rights, promote anti-worker policies, reduce pensions and wages, dismantle social gains and union rights, European workers must organize their own counter attack. Today, it is more than ever necessary for workers to coordinate their struggles globally, under the values of internationalism and class solidarity.

At the same time, workers around the world must be well aware that the same political forces – like the Macron government – that are eliminating their labor rights are the same forces that bombed Syria a few days ago; they are the same imperialists who contribute to NATO and EU interventions and who, by assassinating peoples, maximize their profits. So, our answer must be the anti-imperialist struggle.

In this context, the WFTU expresses its solidarity and it guarantees the workers of France that will continue to firmly support their just claims.

Long live internationalist solidarity!

The Secretariat


World Federation of Trade Unions