The Workers’ Party chair, Gleisi Hoffmann, read a letter from Brazil’s ex-president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva on Monday (16) to supporters who are gathering at the Free Lula camp in Curitiba, where the former president is being held at the Federal Police headquarters.

In his first public statement after his arrest, Lula thanked supporters for their resistance and chants of “good morning” and “good night” they sing outside the Federal Police building every day and night. He also said he is feeling composed.

“I’ve heard your chants. I’m very grateful for the resistance and presence of all of you in this act of solidarity. I am sure the day is not far off when Justice will prevail. The time will eventually come when it will finally be clear that who has committed the crime will be punished and who hasn’t will be acquitted. Once again I challenge the Federal Police and its Operation Car Wash, the Prosecution Office and its Operation Car Wash, [judge Sérgio] Moro, and the appeals court to prove the crime they accuse me of. I still believe in the court system, and that is why I am feeling composed, but outraged, like any innocent person is outraged when they are victims of injustice,” the ex-president wrote.

The letter was handed to Hoffmann by Lula’s lawyers. The Workers’ Party chair and 11 senators met with Lula for the first time after his arrest on this Tuesday (17), as part of a court-authorized Humans Right Commission that visited Brazil’s former president at the Federal Police headquarters.

Edition: Thalles Gomes | Translated by: Aline Scátola


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