sacpThe South African Communist Party (SACP) condemns the attacks on the Syrian Arab Republic spearheaded by imperialist forces, the United States with Britain and France carried out on 14 April 2018. The imperialist allies hit three targets, including the capital of Damascus, on the manufactured reasoning of preventing the proliferation of chemical weapons. These attacks which were not even backed by international law and the Charter of the United Nations came hours before inspectors from the Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) were due to arrive in Syria to investigate an alleged Syria attack on the opposition.

The world should not be fooled into believing that the US-led assault has anything to do with protecting the people of Syria or introducing democracy. Just like the 2003 Iraqi invasion, the real reason for the attacks on Syria is interest on the natural resources of Syria, such as oil, and control of the Syrian economy.

The interests of the United States, it must be remembered, are the interests of its ruling class. The government, together with the military, merely run the affairs of the United States’ capitalist class. It is this class which has direct interests in the natural resources of Syria and generally the whole Middle East. As such, unless the oppressed working class of the United States and all other countries rise up and fight for their interests, capitalist United States will continue dropping bombs on other sovereign states. In the process these acts will create the so-called terrorist organisations. In the end, the citizens of those imperialist states will be forced to fund a military war against these organisations which are a direct creation of imperialist aggression.

The United States has made its business to violate the national sovereignty of other countries. The organisation known as the Islamic State (IS) is a direct creation of the United States’ illegal invasion of Iraq in 2003, aiming to expropriate and control oil and oil prices. Since 2011 the United States has fuelled the war in Syria by supporting Al Qaeda linked military groups, purporting to contribute to peace efforts in that country.

To counter these attacks, it is important that progressive and left forces across the globe unite in the fight against the imperialism currently spearheaded by the United States capitalist regime. In solidarity with the people of Syria and all other victims of imperialist aggression, the SACP will continue to conscientise and mobilise the South African working class and build louder voices against imperialism.

Source: SACP / RedGlobe