comunistaThe imperialist countries of United states, Britain and France have escalated their continuous aggression on our homeland which has started several years ago. That the armed forces of these states directed a barrage of rockets to several locations on our homeland on the morning of  April 14, 2018. Our valiant forces confronted this colonial aggression and dropped many of the missiles which were fired by the aggressor forces.

This escalation of the brutal colonial aggression by its false pretexts comes as a response to the victories achieved by our armed forces on the agents of these aggressors and to destroying their criminal gangs and removing their danger away from the capital of our homeland Damascus.

This aggression is proof of the inability of the colonists and their agents to destroy our homeland, this goal they have set for themselves in order not only to strengthen their colonial domination over our region but overall the world. This aggression is to adda new page to the black record of American, British and French colonialism, which is full of crimes against the peoples of the world, against all humanity. Zionist Israel also contributes through its ongoing crimes in this shameful record.

This Zionist imperialist aggression will not dissuade our Syrian people, which is long standing in its struggle against the colonists and is distinguished in its longing for freedom, for its determination to defend the homeland , the full national sovereignty and territorial integrity of the homeland.

History shows us that in all our major battles with the Western colonizers we emerged victorious. We defeated the invasions of theforeign Crusaders, and Syria was a volcano against the French colonizer.Now it is bravely confronting the tyranny of imperialism and the crimes of its criminal agents.

Yes,  our homeland will witness a new Hittin.

Our people will achieve victory  through their national unity in the face of the abominable aggressors.

Our cause is fair and triumph will be ours.

Syria will never kneel!

Damascus 14/04/18

Central Committee  of the Syrian Communist Party


Russian Communist Workers Party