Colleagues in ROSTELEKOM,

The Union of Workers in Telecommunications and IT of Athens SETIP, a member of PAME, and WFTU, expresses its solidarity and its support with the workers of ROSTELEKOM.

The layoffs that the company ROSTELEKOM plans to make to maintain its profits, replacing older workers with rights by younger and cheaper workers, is a situation that we, here in Greece, have already experienced and we live it every day.

The monopolies in Telecommunications in Greece, during all these years, have organised a massive attack against the rights of the workers by closing down company, acquisitions, attacking the Collective Agreements, by imposing and expanding flexible forms of employment across the whole industry.

Our enemy is common. Against the antiworkers’ policies imposed for the interests of large business groups, we need mass and militant trade unions to organize and defend the workers who demand Collective Agreements.

We stand by you with solidarity

SETIP- Union of Workers in Telecommunications and IT of Athens



All Workers Militant Front (PAME)