PAME denounces the assault on the anti-imperialist mobilization of the youth.

Under the command of the SYRIZA-ANEL government, the forces of Riot Police attacked with bats, chemicals, tear gas and flash grenades against the mobilization. In fact, the forces of repression, hit with murderous blows and sent three protesters to the hospital, even came to the point and kidnapped 3 students who participated in the mobilization.

The SYRIZA-ANEL Government surrenders Greek land and seas to the imperialists to murder peoples, and at the same time it attacks violently against the youth movement that opposes imperialist plans.

The government, with its current attack, proves to be the best partner of the USA imperialism. The statements of the American Ambassador, who stated that “they are brothers”, confirm this. They go together hand-hand in the carnage and the massacre of the peoples.

We demand Greece outside the crime of the imperialists

All Tomorrow at the Grand Rally of PAME Rally Against the Imperialist Crime



All Workers Militant Front (PAME)