During the last days, we are witnessing the continuing crime against the heroic Palestinian people who are struggling for their lives and their future. The escalation of Israeli aggression is based on the clear support provided by the USA-NATO and the governments of countries, like of Greece.

At the same time, however, some organizations and forces, because of the generalized outcry against Israel, issue statements supposedly in support of the Palestinian people. In reality, their positions are a blank cheque for even more murders, expansion of settlements, more barbarity against the Palestinians.

In a Press Release of ITUC (the well-known trade-union instrument of the USA and the imperialists) we read the following: “This disproportionate use of deadly forces, with hundreds of victims, is totally unacceptable.” (2/4/2018 https: //www.ituc-csi./ Org / ituc-condemns-israel-over-gaza)

Forces such as the ITUC are repeating the positions of imperialist organizations such as the EU and are talking about an unacceptable, disproportionate use of violence on the part of Israel. Does this mean that a proportionate use of force is acceptable?

We are asking:

Israel has executed over 30 Palestinians in the last 2 weeks

How many killings of Palestinians would be proportionate and therefore acceptable? 15? 20?

Israel has injured over 3000 Palestinians with live fire during the recent demonstrations.

How many amputations, shots, injuries would be acceptable according to the ITUC and the EU? If the injured were 1000, then would it be acceptable? If they were 2000? 2500?

Israel keeps illegally imprisoned more than 300 Palestinian children

How many imprisoned children would be accepted as proper use of force? 100? 200?

The fact that Israel condemned and imprisoned a 16-year-old girl, Ahed Tamimi, for 1 year instead of 10 is it acceptable?

Is this a proportionate use of violence?

Israel, as an occupying force, imprisons, tortures and murders an entire people

ITUC considers this as a reasonable use of violence, since it has rewarded Israel, and the racist organization HISTADRUT, which is in favor of the occupation and exploitation of the Palestinian people, by giving them the position of ITUC Vice-President

This kind of positions of ITUC serve the USA-NATO-EU and big monopolies to promote their plans for the Middle East with “fire and iron”. They support the murderer-state of Israel as a base against the peoples of the region, with their first victim the long-suffering people of Palestine.

Statements for “proportional use of force” are a provocative recognition of Israel’s “right” to kill and murder the Palestinian people. It is a clear position against the right of the Palestinian people to fight for their own independent Palestinian state.

The forces that make such statements must be condemned and isolated as enemies of the Palestinian people. As enemies of every worker, enemies of every trade union that struggles against injustice and imperialism. Their hands are covered in blood!

The All Workers Militant Front, PAME, stands firmly on the side of the Palestinian people. We support the right of the Palestinian people to struggle to have their own independent Palestinian state on the borders of ’67, with East Jerusalem as its capital, for the return of all refugees, for the release of all Palestinian political prisoners.

We demand that any kind of cooperation between the Greek state and the murderer-state of Israel to be stopped.

We call on all unions, workers, young people to massively take part in PAME’s

Big Event of Solidarity with the People of Palestine

On Sunday April 15 in Athens



All Workers Militant Front (PAME)