The over 92 million member international class oriented World Federation of Trade Unions, the WFTU is resolute against imperialist and capitalist policies which are centric to the water crisis that befallen the working class and the toiling masses of South Africa in recent times. Through our class affiliated trade union organisations we have witnessed the calamitous impact of this crisis which has imposition new and insufferable burdens on the South African working class and their families.

Long ques and shuffling with potential violence for access of clean water at the designated areas of distribution became the order of the day for the working masses. The crisis affected the working class children education, the working class working environment, its social life, health facilities with a looming potential paroxysm of diseases because of lack of clean water. Functionality of sanitation system is threatens and is posing risks of a spread threatening life diseases such as dysentery and loss of hygiene in homes and at the workplace.

Women and children have beard the undue responsibility of collecting water for the basic needs such as bathing, cooking and drinking for the households; and the working class meagre wages have been redirected from their basic household needs to that of buying bottled water; a reflection once more of the immorality of capitalist companies that only see profit maximisation on the atrocious condition of the working class and the entire people.

The capitalist mode of production and the uncontrollable industrial and imperialist wars provoke serious problems for the environment including on water deposits. Many reports have shown corporate contribution on the climate change; and despite many declarations they have signed, there are no significant outcomes on their destructive mode of operandi on the environment. Corporate disregard of the environment is directly accountable for the crisis which has created a delicate situation on the human well-being and food security for the working class and communities.

The situation is indicative of life destruction by the rotten toxic system of capitalism. It has subjected the working class and the toiling masses to the gallows of drought death while capitalists, having amassed wealth unto themselves through forced removals, dispossessions, exploitation and the alienation of the working class of its produce, can buy themselves out of the situation.

The lives and health of workers remains the first line issue for a class oriented trade movement, and the international class oriented WFTU stand opposed to all conditions that jeopardise the health of workers and the people of South Africa. We stand opposed to any insinuation that the working class must accept to suffer the consequences of the destruction of the environment by imperialist and capitalist monopolies in pursue of profits without being held accountable. The insufferable conditions of the working class and the entire people of South Africa should be placed at the door of imperialists and capitalists with invigorated class struggles against the oppressive and exploitative system of capitalism; and for better life conditions and protection of the environment.

The Secretariat


World Federation of Trade Unions