PAME expressed its opposition to the recognition of Jerusalem as capital of Israel by the USA and condemned the new massacre of Palestinians by the Israeli army with a protest on Monday, May 14 at the Embassy of Israel in Athens.

PAME with the Greek Committee for International Detente and Peace and WFTU denounced the USA transfer of their embassy to Jerusalem, recognizing it as Israel’s capital.

An action that lights new “fire” in the Palestinian and wider Middle East region. At the same time they condemned the new massacre by the Israeli army against the Palestinian people and expressed their full solidarity and sympathy with the Palestinian people’s just struggle against the Israeli occupation.

PAME stated:

We condemn the violence and repression with more than 50 Palestinian fighters murderered till now. We condemn the imprisonments, the unacceptable wall, the Israeli settlements, the attempt to equate the “murderer” with the “victim”. It is very recent, the European Union’s despicable resolution, which basically put the blame to the Palestinians for forcing the Israelis to murder them!

We denounce the political – economic and military cooperation of Greece with Israel, which is constantly upgrading. Those who shoot Palestinian fighters on their unacceptable wall are themselves co-trained with the Greek Armed Forces!

The responsibilities of the SYRIZA – ANEL Government are criminal. On the one hand, they share words of sympathy for the Palestinian people, while at the same time they support American imperialism and the murderer state of Israel

We demand:

  • Shut down all the foreign Military Bases of Death. Return now all Greek ships, airplanes, military missions across the borders.

  • Now NATO to leave the Aegean. No expenditure on NATO armaments.

  • We strengthen solidarity with the people of Palestine and Syria.

  • The Greek Government to implement the December 2015 decision of the Greek Parliament and to proceed immediately to the recognition of the Palestinian State”.




All Workers Militant Front (PAME)