The WFTU delegation met with Madhav K. Nepal, senior leader and chief of department of foreign affairs of the Communist Party of Nepal (UML) and discussed in comradely spirit the prevailed situation of the trade union movement in Nepal and the wider region.

Later on the WFTU delegation participated in the great, massive May Day rally which took place in the Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal and the WFTU president delivered a speech to the thousands participants. The WFTU president, during his address, underlined the goals and the role of the class-oriented trade union movement and assured the working class of Nepal that World Federation of Trade Unions will continue its last years’ up-going course, effectively defending the contemporary interests of the workers all over the world. A speech was also delivered from the Premal Kumar Khanal, WFTU Presidential Council member, who mentioned on the militant class-oriented and anti-imperialistic WFTU history as well as its present struggles.

The 3rd day of the visit concluded with the official inauguration of the WFTU Nepal’s office and the Asia Pacific Regional office of WFTU TUI PS by the WFTU president. The opening of these 2 WFTU offices in Nepal affirms the strong and stable presence and struggles of the WFTU both in Nepal and the whole region.


World Federation of Trade Unions