SDAJ LogoStatement of solidarity by the Communist Youth of Switzerland / Jeunes POP Suisse and the Socialist German Workers Youth (SDAJ)

We, the Communist Youth of Switzerland / JeunesPOP Suisse and the Socialist German Workers‘ Youth (SDAJ), present our militant solidarity and support to the arrested students and the revolutionary students who are organizing for the freedom of their comrades. We condemn the repeated repression of democratic, socialist and communist youth by the Turkish government!

Repression of political opponents …

When Turkish rightists symbolically distributed Lokum for the illegal Turkish invasion in Northern Syria at the progressive Bogazici University, several young communists protested against this propaganda and spoke out against the war the NATO state of Turkey is leading. As a result, several communists were arrested. We condemn the words of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who said; „These communists, these traitors to the country, we will give them no right to education“, and we support instead this very fight for peace and the action of the comrades who have bravely opposed these stooges of Erdogan. It is a scandal that fundamental democratic rights in Turkey are being increasingly restricted while fascists, racists and anticommunists are given a free hand. We demand the release of peace activists, communists and students!

… with support from Switzerland and Germany

Switzerland is a leader in the arms trade with Turkey and throughout the Middle East, thereby promoting the establishment and stabilization of autocracies and dictatorships. We demand a halt to arms exports, the end of all interference in the imperialist wars and Switzerland’s withdrawal from all imperialist war agreements. The Federal Government of the Federal Republic of Germany likes to present itself as the defender of freedom and democracy in the world. At no time, however, has it been prepared to name the human rights violations of their Turkish NATO partner. This is hypocrisy. The FRG readily supplies weapons for the war in Syria, and provides political-dipolmatic backing for Ankaras persecution of political opponents in Turkey. We demand an immediate ban on all arms exports, especially to Turkey and the withdrawal of Germany from NATO.

Fight imperialism!

Through war in the Middle East and worldwide neoliberal deregulation and austerity measures, imperialism seeks to destroy the achievements of the international working class and the peoples of the world. The current wars of imperialism are largely an attempt to overcome the ongoing economic crisis. In this situation we see it as our duty to increase the fight against the passing on of the crisis costs to the youth at home and the wars abroad at the heart of capitalism. Given the violence that the governments and businesses of our countries are doing to the people of the world, we consider this our very duty.
Long live international solidarity!