The World Federation of Trade Unions, representing more than 92 million workers in 126 countries of the 5 continents strongly condemns the murdering of at least 12 protesters who demanded the closure of the copper smelter of «Sterlite Copper» company. The company is an affiliate of the British monopoly “Vedanta” in southern India.

The protesters demanded the cancelation of the Sterlite-Copper’s plant opening which has been shut for more than 50 days and will remain closed until at least June 6 because the local pollution regulator did not allow it to operate due to environmental reasons.

Once again bourgeoisie ranks the people’s health and life lower than its profits and the riot-police defended these profits by murdering workers. The WFTU demands the definitive closure of the plant and the immediate punishment of the responsible ones for these murders.

The Secretariat


World Federation of Trade Unions