The mechanism of prosecutions and courts against trade unionists who fight for the protection of the rights of employees and workers continues undiminished by the government of SIRIZA-ANEL and the employers.

This time, it is the conviction issued against members of the Union of the Metalworkers of Attica, a union affiliated with PAME and the WFTU.

The conviction was issued after charges pressed by the owners and executives of the company “AMCROM”.

The “crime” committed by the accused was that they stood by the side of the workers of “AMCROM”, who were fighting for the payment of their salaries and expressed solidarity to their cause. Up to now, the salaries owed to the workers of “AMCROM” have not been paid off by the company.

The class trade union movement will be not be frightened neither by intimidations, nor by judicial convictions! Neither the bosses, nor their political personnel or Justice Departments can stop the class struggle!

We call for all unions and workers to strengthen their efforts against employer-led intimidations, join the lines of the unions and condemn this despicable conviction.


All Workers Militant Front (PAME)