The class-oriented international trade union, the World Federation of Trade Unions (WFTU) representing more than 92 million workers from 126 countries worldwide, received with desolate report about the death of four mineworkers who died after being trapped underground for many days without any intervention at the Masakhane Mine in South Africa.

These mineworkers who perished after being trapped for days underground without rescue are members of our class-oriented trade union affiliate in South Africa, the National Union of Mineworkers. This regrettable incident happens just few days from the occasion of the international day of occupational health and safety on the 28th April 2018.

In its message to all workers of the world on the occasion of the international day for occupational health and safety the militant international class-oriented WFTU expressed its discontentment that every year more than 2 million people worldwide die from occupational accidents and work-related diseases; that over 300 million workers worldwide experience non-fatal occupational accidents; that 2.78 million people suffer fatal injuries with a further 2.4 million new work related diseases due to lack of, or none existence of adequate occupational health and safety measures in the workplace.

This unfortunate incident that befell these workers and our affiliate evidenced the WFTU stance that the recurrences of occupational injuries and deaths, including the death of the four mineworkers, attest to the murderers character of the capitalist mode of production and the employers who adjudge workers’ life as consumables in the production process in pursue of profits, and care less about the safety of workers. The bosses of this mine must be held accountable for the demise that befell these workers.

The working class is again excruciatingly reminded by this incident that under capitalism and private ownership of the means of production, workers shall continue to perish at the gallows of unsafe working conditions determined by the employers. In the memory of these mineworkers, the militant international class-oriented WFTU and its more than 92 members, firmly stands by its affiliate NUM and co-workers on the need for the intensification of the struggle for adequate occupational health and safety measures in the workplace in protection of the lives of workers.

The death of these mineworkers must leave in all of us the empirical mausoleum of the necessity for the unity of the working-class and the intensification of the anti-imperialist, anti-capitalist class struggles for better working conditions for all workers of the world, and the right to live!

The World Federation of Trade Unions lowers its banner, and extends its profound condolences to the leadership of our Affiliate NUM, its members, co-workers and the families of the deceased.

The Secretariat


World Federation of Trade Unions