Workers’ Party representative in Waterford, Dick Roche, has welcomed the large yes vote in favour of the repeal of the 8th amendment.

Speaking following the referendum, Roche said:

“This referendum was a resounding victory for women’s equality, nowhere less than in Waterford. Almost 70% voted in favour of ending Ireland’s medieval ban on abortion in Waterford. The emphatic result represents a victory for common sense, for equality and for a new secular Ireland.

“When hundreds of people turned out to leaflet and canvas for repeal in Waterford, it was clear that change was in the air but nobody could have anticipated the overwhelming scale of the vote to repeal.”

Roche continued:

“In Waterford we had to deal with one of the most undignified and callous ‘No’ campaigns. What this result shows is that these bully boy scare tactics hold no purchase with the overwhelming majority of people in Waterford.”

The Workers’ Party spokesperson concluded:

‘’Today’s vote is a huge step forward for women’s equality in Ireland. We must now refocus on ensuring that abortion care is truly available to all women who need it – by making sure it is free at the point of access, without charge and without delay.”


Worker’s Party