dkp logo neuThe German Communist Party (DKP) Leadership has released a press statement on June 19th, on the government crisis between the ruling CDU and its Bavarian partner CSU on the refugee question.

Despite the ostensible conflict between the Ministry of Interior Seehofer (CSU) and Chancellor Merkel (CDU) on the issue of refugees, the DKP interprets the situation differently, as the two actors are “playing together”, as they have the same intention. According to DKP, the Merkel-Germany is making use of the refugee debate to intervene with the national sovereignty of other EU states, and Seehofer threatens those states to shut down the doors for refugees that applied to other countries unless they comply with the EU directives.

The DKP takes both lines as reactionary, as either way they pose are arbitrary and unlawful positions pushing other EU states. Neither way can be considered more human for refugees. A humane solution would involve the removal of sanctions on Syria by the EU, demanding from the NATO partner states to withdraw from near east and ending the occupation of foreign lands by Germany.

The DKP instead introduces the alternative for the German people: The advancement of the peace movement. As accepted by the Party’s 22nd Congress in March, the DKP states that the motto “Disarm, no further arming” should be endorsed by greater number of people, to overcome the social and political offences of the reactionary parts of German capital and their political collaborators. The solidarity of the working people of Europe, regardless of nationality, religion and color should become a common force against war, militarization, social disengagement and the power of national and international capital.

The DKP will organise a peace conference in Potsdam on July 7th, aiming to dicuss the so-called “East-Front” policy of Germany, increased militarization and relations with Russia.


International Communist Press