Twenty thousand from all over Italy responded to the appeal of the USB for a major demonstration against inequality. A mixed, combative and colourful procession, opened by the banner with the slogan “before the exploited”, moved from Piazza della Repubblica, delayed by almost two hours due to the police checks ordered by Interior Minister Salvini, with coaches from the various regions subjected to any kind of search.

The demonstration along the way has punctuated key words in memory of Soumaila Sacko, the union representative of the USB workers killed on June 2 in Calabria, and Abdel Salam, killed in Emilia during a picket for one of the many fights of logistics. Very harsh words and slogans against the economic and social policies of this government, now flattened on the reactionary figure of Matteo Salvini.

The procession ended in Piazza San Giovanni with applause to the migrants of Aquarius, followed by the speeches of the USB Social Federation, a representative of Asia Usb, a precarious, a representative of the Brigades of Active Solidarity, of an unemployed person of the French CGT and of Aboubakar Soumahoro representing the USB labourers present with large delegations coming from Calabria and Puglia.

In the same day, many USB comrades, during the trip reaching Rome, has carried out demonstrations in front of Autogrill shops on highways.

In solidarity and support of PAME in Greece, the protest against the punitive and anti-union dismissal operated in a shop at the Athens airport of a PAME union delegate for having joined the general strike of the category on May 1st.

USB has carried out protests in the Autogrill points of service areas along the highwaywith leaflets and exposure of banners, as in Pienza, in Tarquinia, in Albinia, Tevere, Macchia.


World Federation of Trade Unions