The workers in Commerce held a strike on Sunday, June 24 against the Government of SYRIZA-ANEL attempts to change the workweek, by canceling Sunday as a day for rest for the workers. The Commerce Unions, members of PAME, held a rally in the tourist center of Athens and in other cities, and protested against the multinationals who escalate the attack against the workers.

The Unions stated that the growth promised by the Government is not for the workers, who suffer unending workdays, intensification of work, wage cuts and extreme taxation, while the multinationals are given new incentives and tax exemptions.

The Unions also highlighted the recent revelations by many media that D. Karegeorgopoulos, who is the President of the Federation of Private Employees (Member of UNI Commerce) and Press Secretary of the GSEE (Member of ETUC), is himself an employer!!! This explains why these forces, although they declared mobilizations, they did not appear anywhere to protest or call the workers to fight. They are themselves employers!



All Workers Militant Front (PAME)