The Union of Workers in Tourism-Hotel-Catering of Athens, with the solidarity of unions from other sectors, held a new militant protest inside the International Airport of Athens, on Saturday, June 16, demanding the cancelation of the layoff of a unionist by the Italian catering multinational AUTOGRILL.

The workers in Tourism in Greece suffer extreme exploitation with long hours of work, pressure, low wages, flexible contracts and continuous intimidations by the employers. Big multinationals make huge profits from Tourism in Greece, but for the workers there is only poverty and misery. This is why AUTOGRILL and other multinationals take measures against trade union organization and want the workers unorganized.

Against these conditions the unions of PAME in Tourism try to organize the workers and fight for collective contracts with better salaries and conditions. The Union made clear to the AUTOGRILL that this layoff is an attack on workers tradeunion rights and the workers will strengthen the struggle to cancel the tactics of the multinational.



Many unions, from many countries condemned the anti-trade union tactics of AUTOGRILL. At the same time with the protest in Athens, USB of Italy in solidarity with PAME and the workers of AUTOGRILL in Greece and Italy held a series of protests in many AUTOGRILL restaurants at Naples, Tarquinia, Pienza,  Tevere and Albinia



All Workers Militant Front (PAME)