By Francisco Sousa is the general secretary of Trade Union International of Metal and Mining (TUIMM) of WFTU

Some news is hard to believe, so unreal they look like. The immigratory issue in United States and Europe traditionally call attention, but the recent tragedy in US board, in which kids were separated from their parents, shows us that humanity is in risk.

The president of US, Donald Trump, has exceeded all the limits of common sense. Under any perspective, his immigration policy is disgusting. The working class from all around the world has to condemn in a public manner that posture.

World Federation of Trade Union (WFTU) dedicated its International Day of Action (October 3rd) in 2017 to discuss the situation of immigrants and refugees. Since then, nothing has advanced. It is hard to discuss this issue deeply, under the risk of new tragedies arise in all continents.

TUI Metal and Mining joined this struggle and hardly condemns the fascist policy of Trump. Our Congress, that will be held in Egypt, between July 19th to 21th, will address this question. The ills of capitalism must be tackled with urgency, courage and solidarity among the nations.


World Federation of Trade Unions