PAME denounces the General Confederation of Workers of Greece (GSEE-ETUC Affiliate) for accepting employers in its leadership.

Recent reports in many media confirm what we have been denouncing for years about the role of the trade unions controlled by the employers and the governments, about the ETUC’s forces in Greece, in supporting anti-workers’ plans. This role seems to have moved to another level, since it is not just that their choices serve the interests of employers, but that, they, themselves are now employers!!!!

According to a series of revealing reports in newspapers*, the GSEE Press Secretary, the notorious “trade unionist” D. Karageorgopoulos, who is also President of the Federation of Private Employees of Greece (a member of UNI), is alsoPRESIDENT and CEO of the Private Company “PIGASOS FORTUNA GAMING PLC”, which according to its published aims:

  • Possesses and manages shares of gambling companies (like Casinos etc)
  • Provides administrative services to casinos, hotels and catering businesses
  • Manages and exploits real estate
  • Provides, for payment, training for employees and consultation to companies.

This “trade unionist” claims that he became an employer in order to protect the workers! The fact that this “unionist” has nothing to do with the Trade Unions is obvious by his stance all the previous years. But also recently, when he was the one who played leading role in the attempts of election fraud at the Regional Trade Union Center of Patras, with blackmails and the violent threats (but he received a decisive response from the unions and workers of the city of Patras).

However, the responsibilities of the GSEE are enormous. The fact that the responsible of the GSEE Press Office is an employer himself is a shame for the workers’ movement. They are opening a very dangerous path!

After intimidations and attacks against trade union action, now the Managers and CEOs of Private Companies will be members and get elected in the trade unions? If they want, they can get elected in employers’ associations, representing those who have been serving so well all these years.

The Trade Unions Belong To The Workers – Not To The Employers!


All Workers Militant Front (PAME)