comunistaWe, the undersigned Communist and Workers parties condemn the decision of the Trump administration – in complete contravention of world public opinion – in taking the USA out of the 2015 Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPoA) agreement with Iran, and the dangerous consequences this now has.

The United States’ withdrawal on 8 May 2018 from the JCPoA agreement – signed between the five Security Council Permanent members plus Germany (P5+1) and Iran – has significantly increased tension in the region and has raised the threat of a new devastating war in the Middle East.

We also condemn the re-imposition of economic and banking/monetary sanctions on Iran, which would constitute an illegal violation of an international agreement ratified by the UN Security Council. Both the UN and the IAEA have criticised the US withdrawal and have confirmed that the Iranian side has fulfilled all its obligations under the JCPoA.

The actions and policies of the US administration in relation to Iran have been – and continue to be – coordinated with those of the governments of Israel and Saudi Arabia. The recent military aggression against Syria, including the aerial bombings carried out by Israeli forces, has intensified the possibility of all-out war.

We, the undersigned parties, are concerned that if the current course of the escalation of aggression by USA and its allies in the Middle East is not curtailed and reversed immediately then the potential for a new disastrous war, with unpredictable consequences for peace and stability in the region, is real and huge.

Our parties strongly condemn any military attack on Iran and/or use of economic sanctions as a means of starving the people of that country into submission. We further believe that these actions will have a disastrous impact upon the continuing struggle of the Iranian people for peace, sovereignty, social justice, as well as human and democratic rights.

The future of Iran and its political system is a matter of concern for the Iranian people and them alone – and they reject foreign intervention in their country under any pretext.

The signatory parties to this statement call on all forces campaigning for peace and disarmament globally to condemn the politics of confrontation of the US administration and its Israeli allies which are contrary to the UN Charter. They should campaign to ensure that no government in the world supports any sanctions against Iran and do not succumb to US pressure.

The list of parties supporting the statement: (The list is still open for further endorsement by Communist and Workers Parties)

  1. Communist Party of Albania
  2. PADS (Algeria)
  3. Communist Party of Azerbaijan
  4. Austrian Party of Labour
  5. Communist Party of Australia
  6. Communist Party of Bangladesh
  7. Workers Party of Belgium
  8. Communist Party of Brazil
  9. Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia (Czech Republic)
  10. Communist Party of Britain
  11. Socialist Workers’ Party of Croatia
  12. AKEL of Cyprus
  13. Communist Party in Denmark
  14. Egyptian Communist Party
  15. Communist Party of Estonia
  16. Communist Party of France
  17. Communist Party of Finland
  18. Communist Party of Germany
  19. Communist Party of Greece
  20. Hungarian Workers Party
  21. Communist Party of India
  22. Communist Party of India (Marxist)
  23. Tudeh Party of Iran
  24. Communist Party of Iraq
  25. Communist Party of Ireland
  26. Workers Party of Ireland
  27. Communist Party of Israel
  28. Communist Party, Italy
  29. Jordanian Communist Party
  30. Social Movement of Kazakhestan
  31. New Communist Party of Netherland
  32. Communist Party of Lebanon
  33. Peoples’ Party of Palestine
  34. Communist Party of Palestine
  35. Communist Party of Philippine (1930)
  36. Communist Party of Portugal
  37. Communist Party of Mexico
  38. Communist Party of Norway
  39. Communist Party of Russian Federation
  40. Russian Communist workers party
  41. Communist Party of South Africa
  42. Communist Party of Spain
  43. Communist Party of peoples of Spain
  44. Communist Party of Sweden
  45. Syrian Communist Party
  46. Communist Party of Sudan
  47. Communist Party of Turkey
  48. Communist Party of Ukraine
  49. Communist Party of the USA
  50. Communist Party of Venezuela


Worker’s Party