Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) issued a statement titled ‘Unless these 19  points come true, Turkey will not be able to take a breath’.

On the eve of the 2018 parliamentary and presidential elections that is to take place on 24 June, Sunday, the TKP which had been carrying out This Order Must Change campaign issued a statement.

According to the statement, whoever wins the election campaign will be faced with the crisis of capitalism. TKP called for the following:

  • Banks should be expropriated
  • All privatized businesses, factories, power distribution networks, highways and hospitals should be nationalized free of charge
  • Those who are responsible for privatizations should be put on trial for high treason
  • The flight of capital should be blocked
  • The agreements with the EU should be cast away
  • Bank and credit card debts of workers should be written off
  • Bank debts of peasants should be written off
  • External debts should be repudiated
  • A humane work order should be established
  • The minimum wage and sectoral wage rates should be reset by workers themselves
  • Unemployment should be prohibited
  • Government officials who overlooked the political activities of Fethullah Gülen sect and all other religious sects should be put on trial
  • The use of religion in politics should be prohibited
  • All educational institutions that do not provide secular education services should be closed permanently
  • Turkey should leave NATO
  • All foreign military missions should be deported
  • All military forces abroad should be recalled,
  • All foreign military bases should be shut down permanently
  • Racist propaganda should be prohibited
  • Support the candidates who say THIS SOCIAL ORDER MUST CHANGE

The statement finally declared that the Communist Party of Turkey, which participates in the elections with independent candidates as it was prevented from taking part as a party, keeps close tabs on every single point mentioned above. It said, ‘Don’t be fooled by their lies! Support independent candidates who say that This Social Order Must Change! Join the Communist Party of Turkey!’

For full statement see link.


International Communist Press