The EUROF of WFTU on the occasion of 20th June World Refugee Day has called for a week of solidarity with Refugees and Migrants to demonstrate solidarity with the victims of imperialist wars, and the peoples against racism, nationalism and xenophobia.

PAME supports this initiative of the EUROF of WFTU and planned a series of actions and activities.

A delegation of PAME visited the migrant workers of Manoloda and was decided to steady communication and activities to support the workers who are heavily exploited in the region. In this context, PAME, unions and workers are gathering material help, which will be given to the migrants the next days. In addition, all over Greece, unions and unionists visit refugee camps and organize similar initiatives of solidarity.

PAME, in order to strengthen the struggle against fascism, nationalism and xenophobia announces that all these activities will conclude with a solidarity event Against Imperialist Wars, where the National Union of Musicians of Greece, with the cultural center Nazim Hikmet of Istanbul Turkey, will hold a big Concert in Athens at July 13.


All Workers Militant Front (PAME)