Representing 92 Million workers, World Federations of Trade Unions will also be present in the sentencing hearing of the trial the occupational murder in Soma which killed 301 mine workers.

May 13, 2014 marked a black day in the history of our country and working class. 301 miners were massacred in an occupational murder. We will not forgive, nor forget this massacre caused by subcontractor system, privatization, disregard of labour safety and extreme profit ambition.

Immediately after the Soma Massacre, on June 18 2014, our union held an international conference titled “We Will Never Forgive Nor Forget the Occupational Murder In Soma” In the conference that was held with the participation of George Mavrikos, General Secretary of WFTU, union leaders from 13 different countries, union leaders of DİSK Nakliyat-İş and Birleşik Metal İş, we took a decision to form an International board of specialists to make sure the decisions taken in the final edict will be implemented thoroughly.

Representing this board and World Federation of Trade Unions, our union lawyer Tacettin Çolak who is also a part of the law board created, will be present in the sentencing hearing of the Soma Massacre that will be held on July 9th, 2018 at 09:00 in Akhisar Aggravated Felony Court.

World Federation of Trade Unions, which we are affiliated, will follow the process until the very end.

Nakliyat-İş Central Office


World Federation of Trade Unions