The World Federation of Trade Unions, which is the militant voice of more than 92 million workers in the five continents, conveys its internationalist solidarity with the workers and the people of Palestine and denounces the new aggressive measures of Israel that put even more pressure to the people of Palestine.

These measures include the suspension of the carrying of fuel and gas to the Gaza Strip from “Kerem Shalom” border crossing, as well as the further restriction of the access of Palestinian fishermen to the fishing zone of their region.

After the recent inauguration of the US Embassy in Jerusalem, and the murder of more than 130 Palestinian people and the injuring of thousands of others by the Israeli army, the state of Israel escalates its aggression in the framework of wider rivalries among the imperialist centers in the region.

In this direction, the Israeli Parliament (Knesset) today voted for a racist law that recognizes Israel as an exclusively Hebrew State and brings about great discriminations against its Arab population.

The WFTU continues its firm support and solidarity for the end of the Israeli occupation and apartheid against the people of Palestine and for the recognition of the free State of Palestine within the 1967 borders and East Jerusalem as its capital.



World Federation of Trade Unions